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canstockphoto17051811Hello my fellow foodies!!!

My name is Michelle Heyden, creator, writer and cook in this kitchen. I was born and raised in a small town in Southwestern Ohio and into a family of avid southern cooks. My major influence in the kitchen came from my Mom. She could make anything taste great. I took Home Economics in junior high and high school where I was taught basic recipes and what the kitchen was all about. Some of the recipes I was taught I still use today like my “Chocolate Chip Cookie” recipe. Nothing like gooey chocolate!!!

After working as a hairstylist/trainer/salon manager for many years, I got the bright idea to change careers so, I packed up and moved to Chicago, Illinois. Now in retail management, I have lived in Chicago for over 20 years. Chicago is a food city and living here, you have the world of food at your fingertips any time; morning, noon and night. Don’t forget about late, late night!

Well, guess what, I love cooking more now than I ever thought possible. Sharing my food with family and friends is sheer pleasure. Any opportunity this girl gets to create and conquer in the kitchen is uplifting and a delight.

“My love of food has deepened being exposed to different neighborhoods and their cultural inspirations. Food always brings people together. Whenever friends and family come to visit, first thing someone asks is, “Can we get a hot dog for lunch or can we get pizza tonight?” Consider Chicago an awe-inspiring food mecca. Flavors, tastes, textures, and the jaw-dropping abundance of variety can be overwhelming to say the least. If you’ve never been to Chicago, do yourself a favor and come for a visit; come for a food adventure that when you get back home you’ll be telling everyone about.”

Cooking, food and family has been an inspirational and dynamic part of my life since I was a kid. You will find me most often spending my day off in the kitchen where I find a place of relaxation, creativity and excitement of what is next from my kitchen. I’m always in the mood for something inspired, tried and true, passed down from my Mom or cooking something new from my library of over 350 cookbooks. And yes, I have made a recipe from almost every one. My motto…if you’ve got them, use them. Trust me, something delicious and a new tradition will be unleashed. I love cooking and entertaining for birthdays, holidays, picnics, dinner with friends, cooking for my husband, or satisfying the hunger of coworkers at my job. Love, love, love it!!!!!

I’ve created Chowdown Lowdown food blog for you so, have a seat…..share your memories of food and family to keep those both past and present in our hearts and delicious food on our dinner tables.

Thanks for stopping by and see ya again, soon!



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