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Chowdown Lowdown

Hi and welcome to “Chowdown Lowdown.” Chowdown Lowdown was created as a place to share your life experiences and celebrating with food. Chowdown Lowdown has been a long time in the making, bringing together a lifelong love of food and cooking, sharing memories and inspired recipes from family and friends. This food blog is dedicated in memory of my “Mom.” 

At the tender age of five, I became interested in cooking. As a kid, I remember sitting under a counter in our kitchen watching my Mom chop vegetables, boil water, mix stuff in flour, break eggs and add ingredients to bowls. What was she doing? All I knew, Mom was creating something good, delicious, and yummy!!! Amazing what memories we have stored away, right? It looked like fun to me.

Did you start cooking out of necessity because parents were working or did you just want to know what the kitchen was all about? Do you find being in the kitchen is relaxing and brings back memories of food and family? Chowdown Lowdown was created with you in mind.

“Chowdown Lowdown is about tradition and sharing them with family and friends. Chowdown Lowdown is about feel good food, home cooking and memories that make us laugh, cry, feel joyful, blessed, hopeful, happy, excited and delighted. Everyone has a story to share and every story has a recipe.”

If you’re like me, growing up watching your Mom, Grandmother or whoever else happened to be in the kitchen, cook delicious, mouth-watering dishes, they always left you wanting more and asking, “How do you make your awesome fried chicken, Granny?” Well, baby, firstly, it’s made with love. Of course, Granny would start throwing things together. You’re standing there saying to yourself, “How does she do that?” I need a recipe and I always want to remember those moments forever. Hmmm…Is your mouth-watering at the thought?

Well, tell me about your memories of recipes and traditions inspired by the people you love. Do you have a favorite dessert like the apple pie Mom made for Sunday dinner? Or the world’s best carrot cake, the creamiest mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie served at Thanksgiving or the after school snacks waiting for you as a kid. Special cookies at Christmas? A sensational cake on your birthday? Favorite barbecue recipe served on the 4th of July? Your significant others’ favorite meal? Chowdown Lowdown was created with you in mind. Oh, what a special time in our lives! Miss you, Mom!

So…Have a seat…share your memories of food and family.

Thanks for stopping by…Enjoy!