Baking Dishes – Which to Use

When reading a recipe and the instructions say use a large baking dish, do you ask yourself what size is large? Rather are you about to purchase new baking dishes and wonder what sizes should I have in my kitchen? Yet what material is best? So let’s talk about various baking dishes and what ones will serve all your basic culinary needs in my monthly segment of Equipment Corner, Baking Dishes – Which to Use.

First, baking dishes are an essential part of the kitchen. These dishes are normally flat with straight sides ranging from 3/4-inch to 2-inches in depth. Used for baking foods in the oven like cake batter, thick casseroles and dessert bars. Sizes can vary from the most common 13x9x2 inch sizes, however, 10×15, 12×18, and 11×7 inch are available in rectangle styles. Square dishes are available in 9×9 and the popular 8×8 inch sizes respectfully. Most recipes will advise you the size needed or used in the making of your recipe.

Baking Dishes – Which to Use

13x9 baking pan
13×9 Rimmed Baking Pan
Glass Baking Dishes
8×8 and 13×9 Glass Baking Dishes

Second, Baking dishes are produced in a wide variety of materials with the most common made of glass, aluminum and stoneware (ceramic). In addition, you will find different forms of steel and pottery, some with or without rims. Those with non-stick cooking surfaces keep food from sticking during and after cooking.

Thirdly, not all materials cook the same. Either stoneware or glass are slow to heat but once heated will stay hot, bake well and keep their heat. Darker pans tend to create crispier and darker crusts. Another consideration when purchasing Baking Dishes – Which to Use is what will you be cooking most often? While casserole type recipes will work in most any baking dish, will you be baking brownies, cakes, lasagna, potatoes, chicken or other meats, fish, etc. Glass works best for cakes while some cookie bar recipes work best in aluminum. Will you want to serve from your baking dish. These are things to consider should you want to make a striking presentation when entertaining.

Baking Dishes – Which to Use

As a result, I hope this segment of Equipment Corner has given you insight into baking dishes, which to buy and what’s available to you. Some many choices but I recommend buying your essentials or basics first. I happen to love kitchen ceramics and have various styles, colors and materials to meet my needs and yes some I use more than others. Most noteworthy, buy quality baking dishes so you bake quality food and save money in the long run, providing you with years of use and make baking a sheer pleasure. Happy Baking!!!

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