Cookbook of the Month – April 2017

Greek Yogurt is a versatile, simple and delicious way to add healthy fat instead of unhealthy ones to your everyday dishes. I most often use Greek yogurt in dips, marinades and smoothies. Loving Greek yogurt brings me to another favorite to share with you, Cookbook of the Month – April 2017, The Greek Yogurt Kitchen, written by Toby Amidor. Toby’s cookbook shows you how to incorporate Greek yogurt into your favorite dishes with a newer, healthier approach.

The Greek Yogurt Kitchen, my Cookbook of the Month – April 2017, showcases flavor, texture, nutrients and this yogurt’s endless appeal. In this cookbook, discover this creamy food’s role in your health, wellness in addition to weight loss. I love this cookbook for Toby’s many ideas of how to introduce yogurt into each meal of the day.

Cookbook of the Month – April 2017

When we think of yogurt, most often we think smoothies and frozen yogurt. Greek yogurt goes so far beyond breakfast and dessert. Before I mentioned using Greek yogurt in marinades, so give my Sunny Paris Yogurt Marinated Chicken Leg Quarters. You must use whole fat Greek Yogurt in this recipe. I have tried it with both non-fat and whole fat. The fat content makes such a difference in taste in original recipe.

Consequently, almost every smoothie recipe on my blog is made with Greek yogurt and made with low-fat varieties. Working with Greek yogurt is a lot of fun for kids too. As a parent you want them to eat as healthy as possible and what better way than eating yogurt. Wholesome and delicious, I say. If you’re not lactose intolerant, then this creamy dairy product is for you and your family. The Greek Yogurt Kitchen provides you with tips and tricks on making Greek yogurt part of your healthy lifestyle. Ever use Greek yogurt on a baked potato instead of sour cream? Try it if you haven’t and wonder why it took you so long.

Cookbook of the Month – April 2017

Cookbook of the Month - April 2017
The Greek Yogurt Kitchen – Cookbook of the Month – April 2017

If you’re a Greek yogurt addict like me, Cookbook of the Month – April 2017, The Greek Yogurt Kitchen is a must have for you. I have created new recipes from this book because this cookbook allows you to use your own imagination in creating recipes.The recipes in this book are fabulous as they are I must say. I love developing my own recipes, too.

Just remember, high in protein, excellent source of calcium, and very low in sodium. I have too many favorites in this cookbook to name them all. Learn to integrate this luscious ingredient in all your meals especially where butter, mayonnaise, sour cream, and oil exist in a recipe. Let this cookbook be your guide as I have. Finally learn to make your own greek yogurt and include the kids for a great weekend kitchen project. It’s easy and delicious! Here’s to your health and wellness. Until next month…

Cookbook of the Month - April 2017
The Many Uses of Greek Yogurt – Cookbook of the Month – April 2017
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