Cookbook of the Month – August 2016

Welcome back to my monthly feature on one of my favorite cookbooks and why you should own a copy. My Cookbook of the Month – August 2016 is Vegetables by James Peterson. Let me just say I love this cookbook for so many reasons. First, I love the author James Peterson. His cookbooks have won the prestigious James Beard Cookbook of the Year Award and is an IACP/Julia Child Cookbook Award Winner. I own several of his cookbooks like Sauces, Fish and Shellfish, and Splendid Soups. His writing never ceases to amaze me and inform me. When reading this cookbook, you feel like all your questions about Vegetables will be answered and indeed they are. Secondly, Vegetables was published in 1998 yet every word is so relevant to today’s plethora of farmers markets and your local markets carrying a huge variety of vegetables never even heard of or not found locally until recently. We can easily go to the internet for information but there is nothing like having a hard copy handy, right now, this second. Thirdly, there is no mistaking his passion for good food, fresh food and easy to prepare food for you and your family. This is definitely a cookbook for home cooks and food lovers.

Cookbook of the Month – August 2016

Cookbook of the Month - August 2016
Cookbook of the Month – August 2016 – Vegetables by James Peterson

So let’s talk about what you’ll find in Vegetables. If you’ve visited a farmers market recently and found vegetables you rarely see, this cookbook probably has a recipe for it like beet greens, jicama, and celeriac. However, if you’re looking for new inspiration for your old standbys, you’ll find it here. We all get tired of preparing the same old thing. Vegetables is authoritative yet uncomplicated.

If you’re looking for advice on how to buy and store your vegetables, James has got you covered from A to Z. There are 60 major vegetable sections including specific varieties. James gives you advice on buying, storing and preparation. There are helpful charts along with cooking timetables. Cross-referenced lists of recipes a certain vegetable which makes this book so invaluable in your kitchen. Vegetables has over 300 recipes which include gratins, casseroles, grilling pasta, braising, soups and so much more, even a salad chapter covers every kind of salad you can think of. Some step-by-step techniques are highlighted and captured in  a 32-page full-color photograph layout taken by James Peterson. They cover the basics but some less common preparations are available too.

As you’ve read by now, I love this cookbook and the writing of James Peterson. Vegetables is a wonderful reference and cookbook. It’s a great cookbook to leave on a table for friends to read. If you’d like to read more about James Peterson and his other cookbooks, visit

Until next month…Happy Cooking!

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