Cookbook of the Month – December 2016

If you’re in the market for a cookbook on how to roast everything including vegetables, fruits, poultry, meats, and fish then I have the perfect companion for your cookbook library. And since entertaining for the holidays is top of mind, Cookbook of the Month – December 2016 recommendation is Roasting – A Simple Art by Barbara Kafka. As Barbara says, “Crank up the oven and throw in a chicken. Roasting is simply the best way to concentrate and deepen flavor.” Are you always in a hurry because dinner guests will be arriving in a matter of hours? The answer is Roasting. When you need to walk away for an hour or two,”Roast”.

Roasting adds more flavor and succulence than any other form of cooking. That’s why I highly recommend this cookbook. Because if you rarely cook, new to cooking or a seasoned kitchen extraordinaire, Roasting is essential for planning as well as transforming everything you will need for a lifetime of happy roasting.

Cookbook of the Month – December 2016

In Barbara’s cookbook she shows you how to use high-temperature method of roasting. This method produces as a result a caramelized surface on meats. Her high-temperature method also works on the skin of poultry and fish and the outside of vegetables. I use her high-temp method quite often to prepare wonderful sweet and savory additions to meal plans. You will fall in love with this method of cooking. It’s a little scary at first but have no fear you will fall in love with your oven.

Roasting is filled with almost 100 recipes for vegetables so there is definitely more than just meat. In addition, Cookbook of the Month – December 2016 is jam-packed with indispensable tips, techniques and Barbara’s innovative cooking ideas and way too many to mention here.

Cookbook of the Month – December 2016

Cookbook of the Month - December 2016
Roasting: A Simple Art – Cookbook of the Month – December 2016

Other recipes throughout this wonderful cookbook are stuffings, salsas, marinades and vinaigrettes. All Barbara’s recipes are simple but lift your everyday roasts to new heights, guaranteed to impress party guests and your family. Barbara shows you how to add vegetables so they don’t overcook, consequently everything comes out at the same time. Seems like this scenario happens all the time, hence no more.

Cookbook of the Month – December 2016 will show you how to use leftovers like onions, potatoes and meats. We all need a little help in that department instead of throwing it away. Provided are nearly 100 recipes for just using leftovers and turning them into meals. What a wonderful addition and time-saver, don’t you think?

Most noteworthy are charts, tables, along with her wisdom is priceless. You’ll find many reasons to add this cookbook to your collection as I did. The pages of my cookbook have dog-eared pages and looking well-worn from years of use. I have no doubt you will agree. Did I mention it makes a great gift? Visit your local bookstore for a read as well as online. Until next month…

Happy Cooking!

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