Cookbook of the Month – January 2016

Cookbook of the Month – January 2016 is a true favorite…Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook. Can you tell I’m a big fan of America’s Test Kitchen?

Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook

Let me start by saying, my Cookbook of the Month – January 2016 is another cookbook with go-to written all over it. Published in 2011, by the Editors of America’s Test Kitchen, this cookbook is:

“The ultimate recipe resource: an indispensable treasury of more than 2,000 foolproof recipes and 150 test kitchen discoveries from the pages of Cook’s Illustrated magazine. “

America’s Test Kitchen is located just outside of Boston and the home of Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country magazines. Within this massive, 2,500 square foot test kitchen, all recipes have been created, tested and retested again. Their conviction is to make all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Each recipe is an adventure and a discovery.They want your cooking experience foolproof and rewarding. Look for reviews of cookware and kitchen equipment in the Cook’s Illustrated magazine.

“Our mission is to test recipes over and over again until we understand how and why they work and until we arrive at the “best” version.” 

You can trust my choice for Cookbook of the Month – January 2016. It’s impeccable. They realize the ultimate judge is you and I, the home cook. With over 20 years of recipes in one book, I’d say Cook’s Illustrated in the hands of America’s Test Kitchen know what they’re doing. There is much to be learned about cooking and no one domestic goddess will ever know it all. I know I give it heck trying. Isn’t that the fun of cooking and sharing food with family and friends?

Checkout Cook’s Illustrated magazine and Cookbook of the Month – January 2016 at your local bookstore and online. Let me know your results.

Happy Cooking!!!



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