Cookbook of the Month – March 2016

Brunch, anyone? My Cookbook of the Month – March 2016 is chosen out of love for breakfast foods and my sister who is crazy for anything with an egg. Being able to cook and serve these dishes during the “best part of the weekend” in the words of Bobby Flay is a wondrous thing. After months of waiting, tongue-wagging, drooling, and watching Bobby Flay create delicious brunch dishes on his Cooking Channel show “Brunch @ Bobby’s“, the cookbook has finally arrived.

Cookbook of the Month - March 2016 - Brunch @ Bobby's
Cookbook of the Month – March 2016 – Brunch @ Bobby’s

My Cookbook of the Month – March 2106, Brunch @ Bobby’s truly is a culinary work of art containing recipes you can make for your family and friends, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have made several recipes prior to the cookbook’s release. My sister and had weekly conversations about Bobby doing a cookbook to capture the epidemy of brunch. I think I had printed most recipes hopelessly waiting for this cookbook. They say great minds think alike; I think my sister and I do because I bought her a copy of Brunch @ Bobby’s for Christmas and she bought me a copy. Crazy, right? If only you could have heard the screaming on Christmas morning.

Cookbook of the Month – March 2016, Brunch @ Bobby’s has everything a cook could ask for when entertaining the idea of a brunch weekend including cocktails to start your day off right, pancakes & waffles, egg dishes, pastries & breads, fruit dishes and savory sides to name a few. Bobby puts a new spin on old classics but you’re sure to find new favorites as I have. One of my favorite recipes are the Rosemary Home Fries, potatoes infused with garlic and rosemary with crispy pancetta adding a salty, chewy bite; sprinkle on Parmesan cheese and you’ve got heaven. Another unique dish is Sour Orange Pork with Sweet Potato Hash and Sofrito Hollandaise. This recipe features pork shoulder marinated in a combination of orange and lime juice for a subtly sweet yet tart citrus flavor. Chipotle adds smoke and a little heat in the hash and the pepper-based hollandaise is silky, savory goodness. Trust me it’s an unbelievable mouthful of flavors like nothing you’ve ever tasted.

If you enjoy cooking special weekend meals for friends and family, check out my Cookbook of the Month – March 2016, Brunch @ Bobby’s. I promise you won’t be disappointed and watch Bobby’s show on the Cooking Channel. Check your local listings for air times.

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Until next month…

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