Cookbook of the Month – September 2016

Welcome back to Cookbook of the Month – September 2016. I had to think long and hard about what cookbook I would feature this month. I so admire Alice Waters because of the accomplishments she has made in her career over the years. My feature Cookbook of the Month – September 2016 is Chez Panisse Vegetables by Alice Waters and her team of cooks. For those following my blog you may be wondering why a chose another vegetable cookbook for September.

I have followed Alice Waters for years. She is the author of several cookbooks and most importantly the founder, owner and executive chef of the acclaimed restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. Ms. Waters opened the restaurant in 1971 on the premise that the “best tasting food is organically, locally grown and harvested in ways that are ecologically sound by people who are taking care of the land for future generations”. I think in developing this concept, she was way ahead of her time. Restaurants today realize the importance of using locally grown and harvested fresh vegetables like never before. Check out the Chez Panisse restaurant menu as it changes weekly along with the Monday night menu and Cafe menu. You know this place is on my bucket list, right?

Cookbook of the Month – September 2016

Cookbook of the Month - September 2016
Cookbook of the Month – September 2016 – Chez Panisse Vegetables

Choosing Chez Panisse Vegetables is an easy choice for my Cookbook of the Month – September 2016 because along with her other cookbooks is an insight into her restaurant. It is truly the art of simple food. With more than 250 vegetable recipes in this cookbook, each are unexpected combinations but are so inspiring and irresistible to all home cooks. You will definitely find wonderful recipes to dress up your favorite meat or if you eat vegetarian, you will flip over these creations. Some of my favorites are the Kale section for Sautéed Kale with Garlic and Red Wine Vinegar. Or try the Butternut Squash section for Sage and Butternut Squash Risotto.

With the emphasis on vegetables picked and used during their seasonal peak, anyone interested in home gardening especially organically grown will be thrilled to have this tried and true gem in their cookbook library. I find I pay close attention to what is in the supermarkets as the months progress. Chez Panisse Vegetables gives you information on where and how to buy vegetables and how to prepare them. So easy to follow and adapt to your own tastes if you like. I could go on and on about this cookbook and Alice Waters. She is a special lady as her many awards over years have shown.  Much well deserved respect for her achievements… Click on the links within this post to read more about Alice Waters and her restaurant Chez Panisse. All good food begins with good fresh ingredients…sustainable and environmentally friendly. Go ahead, get inspired…


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