Welcome to Cookbooks, a monthly feature of my favorite go-to and must have cookbooks. Day after day you challenge yourself to create flavorful and memorable meals for friends and family. This monthly feature will help you I promise. Today, I think we would like to cook more at home or introduce more variety in preparing meals at home. If you’re already a domestic goddess like myself, you just want to keep adding to your collection of recipes and better your culinary skills because you love to cook.


Bon Appetit Chalkboard
Bon Appetit Chalkboard – Photo courtesy of Canstockphoto

So let’s begin here…I hope to inspire you, excite you and inform you within this feature each month. In this feature you’ll find books which for decades have had a profound impact on home cooking. Get ready to get your hands dirty…expand your culinary knowledge and skills while providing you with amazing home cooked meals.

Cookbooks will feature books emphasizing freshness, farm to table, convenience, classic and foolproof, simple and elevated recipes and techniques. Today, you and I want to cook with health consciousness in mind without sacrificing taste, flavors, and appearance. No matter what you eat it must look appealing to the eye. This section will feature books about comfort foods, baking, and popular trends of today like Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Paleo, Grains, and Low-carb.

Cooking on weeknights usually requires as few dirtied dishes as possible, most often using the slow cooker and sheet pan meals. Besides containing visually stimulating, stunning photos and it would seem the smell of pictured food comes off the pages. How deliberately thought out…right?

Let Cookbooks tantalize your taste buds, make your home-cooking experiences fun for you and your loved ones. You’re gonna love this feature. Plus I’ll love making you happy in the kitchen.


Happy Reading!!!