“Deep Fried Turkey” – Thanksgiving 2015

Deep Fried Turkey – Courtesy of Mark Fredrick and Ethan Peterson

Deep Fried Turkey using Tony Chacheres Injectable Creole Butter Marinade

Thanksgiving 2015 was filled with family and friends at the home Mark and Angie Fredrick. My husband, Les and I had the good fortune of spending this day in the company of people we love. Is it not what Thanksgiving is all about? Can I get an “Amen?”

Each year we struggle with what to serve for Thanksgiving dinner. Most often turkey is served and we consider it tradition. But do we want the same old roasted bird using the same seasonings over and over every year. How many of us watched our Mom’s get up at the crack of dawn to start roasting Mr. Tom? Mom would baste him every 30 minutes or so to ensure the bird would be tender and moist.

Years ago, upon retiring, Mom and Dad started traveling and friends introduced them to “Deep Fried Turkey.” A new tradition began…Today, Deep Fried Turkey is everywhere and served anytime of the year. The brines and seasonings used to make this fabulous bird is abundant. When frying Mr. Tom, the bird is usually injected with a type of marinade or brined before frying. Any formula you use will lead to a moist and flavorful bird with crispy skin to die for. I don’t know about you but the crispy skin is one of my favorite parts.

One of my favorite injectable marinades is “Creole Butter.” Click here to check out Creole Butter marinades along with other flavors.

Creole Style Butter 17 oz.

Creole Butter injectable marinade was used in one of the Thanksgiving turkeys this year. Mark and Ethan have frying turkey down to fine science. The taste is like nothing you have ever tasted. When the turkey is fried, pockets of the marinade are found throughout the meat Oh, what a burst of flavor! Trust me, you will be ready to eat the bones and all. At least you will be licking your fingers, I promise. The marinade can be used with other meats and do not have to be fried. Use the marinade as a basting sauce when roasting or when looking to add flavor to keep meals low in fat. Try this marinade…it’s delicious.

Thank you Mark and Ethan for another fabulous turkey and look forward too many more.

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving turkey recipe to share? If you’ve tried this marinade, tell me how it’s used in your kitchen.




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