Food Processors

Do you own a food processor or thinking about buying one? What size is best? What brand should you buy? In my Equipment Corner for April, I’m featuring “Food Processors.” I hope to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Food Processors

Cuisinart Food Processor Mini Prep
Cuisinart Food Processor Mini Prep


This appliance is ideal for pureeing, chopping, slicing, and shredding. The blades of food processors are ridged and razor-sharp with the ability to work hard foods like nuts and seeds. This kitchen essential can make quick work of pastry dough by pulsing the motor. Food processors really shine when using many textured ingredients like nuts, garlic and basil for making pesto. However, they are not recommended for soft foods like soup because the container does not hold enough liquid at one time or leaking from the sides if overfilled causing damage to the machine. However, great for slicing or shredding carrots for carrot cake or salad, cucumbers for salads, and zucchini for zucchini bread.

Food processors come in different sizes and made by several manufacturers such as the ever popular Cuisinart and KitchenAid brands. So, this brings you to size and capacity. Ask yourself, “What are my food prep needs?” With our busy schedules, we’re all looking for space-saving and time-saving appliances. You want quick, easy to use and efficient, right? Food Processors start from 1 to 4 cup chopping capacity to large 12 to 14 cup models. The 7 to 10 cup models are the most popular and can take care of most food prep needs. Don’t forget the abundance of colors available to match your kitchen decor. I have had both Cuisinart and now KitchenAid models and love them both.

Now, let me talk to you about cost. Prices range from well under $100 to several hundred depending on brand, function and accessories available. One of the best features to look for would be the wide-feeding tube which makes slicing and shredding very convenient. Let your wallet be the judge if need be.

I highly recommend an efficient appliance and not necessarily a multi-function model with a blender or whisk attachment for example. Most often when appliances can do more than one thing with interchangeable parts, the appliance does only one thing really well. You kind of feel let down or feeling like why did I buy this? Not a good feeling is it? If you want a blender, buy a blender. If you want a whisk, buy a whisk. Individual appliances will be more reliable and efficient. Look for food processors with 500 to 600 watt motors for handling most processing. You’ll be in great shape.

I hope I have helped you make an informed buying decision on food processors. Take a trip to your local department store or shop online for a food processor of your choice. I advise watching your sale ads. You’ll find them on sale quite often. You’ll find your food processor will get much use. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Happy Shopping!

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