“Grand Razz Cosmo”

Light, crisp and fruity is how I describe this Grand Razz Cosmo. As you can tell I’m all about Spring cocktails. I had never tried Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach before. Someone recommended this liqueur so I thought what the heck. Why not give it a try? I was happily surprised with the taste. This liqueur is not like Grand Marnier used in after dinner drinks. Raspberry Peach is to fruity to mix with coffee for my taste. However using it to mix up cocktails is another story.

Described as an alluring mixable spirit, you’ll find my Grand Razz Cosmo refreshing and fruity. It’s perfect for a Spring or Summer brunch or party. You can mix up a pitcher and keep chilled for serving once your guests arrive. Guests can serve themselves leaving you to get food prepared. How easy is that? That’s what I’m talking about. Once you have a couple of these babies, food is required. You might want to keep Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach to serve on the rocks as it sips quite easily, too. Raspberry flavor is what you taste first then comes the peach on the back-end. Totally enjoyable, I promise. So get out the Martini glasses and enjoy a Grand Razz Cosmo.

Grand Razz Cosmo

Grand Razz Cosmo
Sip Away! – Grand Razz Cosmo
Grand Razz Cosmo
Crisp Flavor – Grand Razz Cosmo


Grand Razz Cosmo

1 oz. Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach

1/2 oz. Raspberry Vodka

1 oz. Tito’s Homemade Vodka

2 oz. apple juice

Ice cubes

Fresh raspberries, for garnish

Fill cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Add Grand Marnier, raspberry vodka, Tito’s vodka, and apple juice to shaker. Shake until shaker becomes frosty, about 30 seconds. Pour into chilled Martini glass and garnish with fresh raspberries if desired.


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