Lime Drop Martini

The Martini is the most famous gin cocktail and by most liquor industry standards the most popular of all cocktails. “The Martini reveres an unrivaled place at the summit of any cocktail book,” according to industry sources. Many types of Martinis exist which leads me to my spin, Lime Drop Martini.

The Martini is believed to have been born in America however, many beg to differ on where in America. Martinez, California is presumed to be the birthplace in the year 1870, according to the researchers at However, New York has its claim to this cocktail’s birthplace. Basic ingredients for the perfect Martini still exist and is up for debate. Most commonly excepted are 1:2 or 1:1 parts Gin and Sweet Vermouth with the addition of simple syrup and even bitters. Up until 1940 the Martini was a much sweeter cocktail as orange bitters were a common additive. At the turn of the century the cocktail leaned toward more Gin until Gin was barely a touch in what is known today as the Naked Martini.

Lime Drop Martini

In the decades since the Martini’s creation, this classic cocktail has seen many changes including types of liquor used like Vodka and the vast variety of flavors added like chocolate and pomegranate. Hence, my Lime Drop Martini was born. Made with Rose’s Lime Cordial (sweetened lime juice), gin, topped with Prosecco and lime peel garnish. This Lime Drop Martini is crisp, refreshing taste and wonderful essence of lime with a little fizz. So whether you like your Martini’s shaken as mine is mixed or stirred, it’s perfect for a summertime barbecue. Let me know what you think.

Lime Drop Martini
Lime Drop Martini

Lime Drop Martini

2 oz. (4 T.) Tanqueray Gin

1 oz. (2 T.) Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice


Lime Peel, garnish

Chill a martini glass. Fill a shaker with ice. Add Gin and Lime juice. Shake until beads form on outside of shaker. Pour cocktail in chilled glass, top with Prosecco and garnish with lime peel. Salute!

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