Welcome to my Recipes on Chowdown Lowdown. Search for tantalizing, darn good food and humorous stories loved by family and friends. Try my quick and simple, everyday meals or put your cooking skills to the test with more involved dishes for celebrations and special occasions.

Welcome to my blog and recipes!
Welcome to my blog and recipes!

Secondly, I will have several features each month to help with your meal preparations and to become a culinary guru. Ever wonder what cookbooks you need in your repertoire of must-have and go-to? So many cookbooks out there on every subject and so many to choose from, right? Gets real confusing…Check out my favorite recommendations in my “Cookbooks” feature of the month. Find out why I love them so much. A good recipe runs the test of time and never gets old. Hope this feature makes your book buying easier and a lot of fun.

Not sure what or how to use all the ingredients available these days, especially fresh herbs, check out my “Ingredients” of the month feature. You will find fresh ideas, learn about new ingredients and seldom used ones available today.

Ever wonder what cookware and bakeware you actually need like determining the size for your meal preparations? Gadgets, oh boy there are so many…what do you actually need? Take a peek at my “Equipment Corner” where I’ll feature kitchen essentials every month.

If you love cooking delicious food like I do, making your spirit happy and a good laugh along the way, Chowdown Lowdown is the place. Come back and leave a comment if you’ve cooked one of my recipes or simply contact me with any questions or to chat.

Have a seat!

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Happy Cooking!

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