The Paring Knife

Hi there…Welcome back to my September installment of Equipment Corner. Last month I brought you the infamous Chefs Knife. This month I bring you another essential knife no kitchen should be without, The Paring Knife. The Paring Knife is small in stature but mighty in the kitchen arena. Great for peeling fruits and vegetables or removing the veins and seeds from Chile peppers. Maybe you need to score dough for pies and breads, slice thin slices of garlic or shallots. The Paring Knife is your go-to kitchen tool. The blade is short with a firm handle allowing ultimate control of your work. Shrimp can be deveined easily, cutting the core from apples, hulling strawberries and sectioning fruit like oranges all using the Paring Knife. You can hold this knife in your hands without using a cutting board when necessary.

Most paring knives have a 3 – 4 inch blade but may vary in shape like the ones I own below. The knife on top is made by Henckels from Germany with grooves to keep food from sticking to the blade. The second paring knife shown is my favorite made by Shun. Produced in Japan and one of the finest makers of knives in the culinary world. The blade is carbon steel and razor-sharp. My knife is about 15 years old and I love it as much today as when I first got it. Read more about these manufacturers by clicking on the highlighted links in my post. Stop by your local stores like Sur La Table, Bed, Bath and Beyond or Williams-Sonoma for a great selection of knives or shop online.

Growing up my Dad was an avid fisherman so I was exposed to great knives early on. I didn’t know at the time how handy that knowledge would become. Make your meal prep easier by using great knives. Happy Cooking!

The Paring Knife

The Paring Knife
The Paring Knife – Equipment Corner
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